FlickRocket REST API

Welcome to FlickRocket’s REST API documentation.

Sign up and set up shop for development

To start development, you need to sign up to FlickRocket and set up your own shop. In most cases the BASIC account provides everything that is needed for app development.

Learn more about the different plans here and sign up here.

Once your development process is complete you can choose to use the app for yourself or offer it in the FlickRocket App Store.

Once you have your shop created, the next step is to create your app.

FlickRocket App Basics

Flickrocket's REST API implements JSON to manipulate each API resource in isolation, providing a RESTful interface. All API usage happens through FlickRocket apps either developed by shop owners or obtained via 3rd parties.

Any FlickRocket app that you create will use the FlickRocket API to access another shop's data. When a shop installs your app, all they're really doing is giving your app permission to access their shop's data through the API.

To properly install your app, you will need to provide your app with an authentication mechanism. Authentication mechanisms allow your app to interact with other FlickRocket stores. Flickrocket uses OAuth 2.0 as its primary authentication mechanism.

Note: When developing your app, please respect the API calls limit. The API call limit operates using a "leaky bucket" algorithm as a controller. 

Checking the requests and responses

Use Fiddler for Windows, or Charles for OS X to debug your HTTP requests and responses.